The TwoBeers crew is no longer at work, but...
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More than a year has passed since we wrote our last post in these pages and nearly the same time since the last update of one of our themes.
I’m sorry (but proud at the same time) to say that we have higher priorities (childrens, family, job) now, and we don’t have time and resources to keep this project going at his best so we are forced to put it indefinitely on hold.

Now! Many thanks to:

- The man who made all this possible: Jimo!
A good coder, a great designer and a trusted friend!
Thank you mate, I’ve appreciated every image you drew, every line you wrote and all the sleepless nights you spent on this project :-)
- Our translators, thank to whom we reached so many countries around the globe.
(Really: I would never had thought it could had been possible!)
- Everyone that founded some time to stop by and leave us a feedback.
- Everyone that used one of our works.

It has been a great experience, goodbye to all of you and remember to stop and have a beer (or maybe two) with a friend :-)


ilmaren - tbcrew